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Radio & TV

BBC Radio 4 - Home Truths

For two years I had the chance to write and narrate a column alongside the late, great, John Peel. A top programme to work on

As my career in stand-up comedy continued, I was asked to appear on a variety of radio and TV programmes, as someone who could express an opinion - with jokes.

Radio is a real favourite - probably the purest way of getting your material heard; your own words in your own voice.

Home Truths - Having the Builders In
Home Truths - Parent Trouble
Whose Treat is it Anyway?

By Dave Smith

Meeting the In-Laws

By Dave Smith

You and Yours - BBC Radio 4​

I appeared as a guest, presenting a package for the programme on the growth in mens' grooming products. I also appeared as a guest in a round table debate. (They were around a big table in Broadcasting House… I was sitting on my own in a sound booth in a tiny studio in Cornwall - the magic of radio!)​​​

Lucy Longhurst Show - BBC London Radio​

For a year and a half I joined Lucy Longhurst to discuss all things happening in the world of comedy. It was a great chance to gain broadcast experience - and shamelessly plug my own gigs!

Presenter - Viva Radio​

Initially I was a weekly guest on Michelle Stevens' Breakfast Show, providing a humorous look at the day's papers - harder than it sounds at 7am. I was then commissioned to write and host hour-long magazine shows, including news round-ups, guest interviews and live music.​

I was a studio guest for Radio 4's In Touch programme, on debate about the subject of blindness and humour.


Embarrassingly, as the only sighted person in the room, I accidentally trod on one of the guide dogs.

I was the disgruntled football fan on the BBC's News coverage following England's exit from the World Cup in 1998.


I spoke for a full thirty seconds without once using the word: 'devastated.'


To my eternal shame, however, I did utter the words: 'It's only a game.'

EastEnders Revealed - BBC3​

I wrote and presented a series of humorous EastEnders reviews with comedian Dan Evans. This involved watching a whole week's worth of EastEnders in one sitting. 'Leave it Phil! He's not wurf it!'

Little Picture Show - ITV1​​

This was a light-hearted film and video show, for which I wrote and presented a number of reviews.

(Note to self: try not to look gormless when you think you're out of shot...)

Net.Comedy - Carlton Digital​

I was a regular on two series', performing stand-up comedy to a studio-based internet cafe audience and presenting ten-minute monologues about websites.

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