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​Just a note to thank you for an excellent talk last night. Stimulating, perceptive, witty and fun – it was a wonderful insight into the world of writing to which you belong and so many aspire.

Dean Close School


It seems to me that you've got yourself a job you can do in your pants
Year 10 boy, Felpham

One boy wrote more in your session than he has all term
P. Thomson 

Head of English 

Eastbourne Tech College

Thank you for your input to the Year 8 Careers Day. The feedback from the girls shows how much they enjoyed, learned from and were inspired by your talk.
Jane Grimmette, Aylesbury High

Dave handled the children and classroom situation with a great professional standard, and brought a sense of fun and adventure to the lesson. I can recommend Dave without hesitation – he was a delightful person to have in the school and the children went away having learnt skills they can use in their own writing. A thoroughly delightful day.
Hanneke Boemer

Head of English 

Bridgewater School

Thank you very much for coming. You hit just the right tone to keep them amused and engaged.
Alison Allen
​Sutton High School

Just to say the feedback from your day was great. The kids were really positive about it. One pupil has created a fantastic piece of coursework using the tools you explained to them. I love it.
Lou Morgan, Beckfoot Academy

What they said...

Dave Smith certainly proved his stand-up comedy credentials by keeping students laughing for the session. It wasn’t just fun and frolics though; Dave stressed the importance of planning and redrafting to perfect written material. Students who used the comedy writing techniques in their Original Writing coursework were singled out for praise by the moderator as being, ‘a joy to read.’ I’ve never had so much fun marking 30 pieces of coursework before. We’re certainly planning to invite him back for a third year.
J. Rose. Teignmouth Community College

Are you the janitor from Scrubs? No, but really, are you?
Year 10 boy, Carnforth

Thank you once again for all your hard work and humour yesterday, the boys really enjoyed the sessions.
Hilary Dorling

Head of Careers

Kemnal Technological College

Dave Smith was excellent! He really inspired the group and made them think; he also filled them with optimism and enthusiasm. A brilliant achievement! 
Bridget Brooks. Head of Learning Support,
Tabor Science College

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