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As demonstrated above, if you have an opinion, you can write about absolutely anything. This monthly column for Mother & Baby Magazine, was all about my experiences of fatherhood

In this monthly column for Slimming Magazine, I explore the ridiculous relationship we have with developed towards food - it goes to show you can write about anything at all 

Realising that writing for performing is on nodding terms with writing columns for magazines (they’re both an expression of an opinion, with a liberal sprinkling of humour) I started putting my stuff into print. Writing a man’s point-of-view column for women’s magazines was a good start, which led to writing for just about everyone – if you can write, you can write! So write! A very mixed bag, I think it’s fair to say...

The Guardian Education

All jokes aside, comedy really can help in the classroom

My life as a columnist

Teach Secondary Magazine

Make 'em Laugh
Aren't You Bullet's Girl?

Home Buyer Magazine

Stand-Up Success

Sunday Times - Travel

Secondary Teachers' Magazine

Bright Lights Big City

​​The Boston Herald – USA – Travel​

  • Hadrian’s Wall National Path​

  • Lille 2004 European Capital of Culture

  • Jimi Hendrix and Handel’s House in London

  • The Orient Express

​The Independent

  • Charles Atlas – You Too Can Be a Real Man

  • Woodland Burials


​Junior Magazine 

  • Queen of Comedy​ 

  • Changing Nappies, Changing Rooms

  • Like Father, Like Son​


Real Magazine 

  • Slow Down

  • It's Not a Cold, I'm Dying

​Times Educational Supplement
A Writer’s Life For Me​​ 

Mother and Baby Magazine 

Home Alone

Slimming Magazine
The Bottom Line

​GQ Magazine 
Etiquette School for Men

​FQ (Father’s Quarterly) 
Monthly columns and features

Minx Magazine

Regular monthly columns

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